Monday, June 4, 2007

Some assembly required....

Build your own camera

from Omblog:

"Assist-On in Japan makes and sells this kit, and to be honest I could see a *lot* of expansion for this when it gets in the hands of experienced modelers. I can see someone adapting some of those old Canon lenses for the pre-AE and AF models - the ones you had to focus and adjust by hand - and even adapting an SLR to it. I predict that one day, someone'll do just that, and even enter it into an IPMS contest and actually *win*.

Yeah, I know I've said film is dead, but even in this day of matches and butane lighters we still train our Scouts how to rub two sticks together to start a fire, right?"

The homepage for the kit can be found here: Assist-On it's in Japanese. It retails for about $15.00 USD, but that's without the shipping charges.

As mentoned in an earlier posting (free lens hoods)

For some photographic arts and crafts try these:

The Domokon Cardboard SLR

The Dirkon Paper Camera

Lomo Sharan DIY Paper Pinhole Camera

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