Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Prototype Polaroid pack film camera

Polaroid Land Experimental model 002

I was wondering if any Photography Resource Weblog readers could provide the history behind one of my Polaroid cameras. It appears very similar to a model 104 but has a dark grey face and is labeled "Polaroid Land Experimental model 002"

It belonged to my late uncle Kennith Halliday, who was the long time head chemist for Bendix Corp. in New York. It would not be at all surprising if he had known or worked with Edwin Land.

I wrote to Polaroid Corp. and they could find no information on the camera. Sue Gagnon at Polaroid wrote me back. "Wow!!! What a picture. It does look like an early pack film camera. It appears to be a prototype. I have no details about anything with that name. You have a one of a kind. Call me if you need to know how to find out if it works. We could figure that out."

The Land List: An Ongoing Project in Cataloging Polaroid Cameras, has been helpful and posted my information here: Polaroid pack film camera model 104

With any luck someday soon I will discover the history behind this unique camera.

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