Saturday, July 28, 2007

Best deal on an EOS 5D..... NOT!!!

EOS 5D's


They say all good things must come to an end. That must go double for unbelievable deals like the one was offering on the EOS 5D cameras. Although all day yesterday Amazon listed them for $1600 (about $800 cheaper than competitors), today they have sadly returned to $2585.

The worst part about this is I was not quick enough to order one at the $1600 price. Would they have honored it? (at least if they didn't I would get an explanation). If anyone was able to snatch up some $1600 EOS 5D's please let us hear about it! Leave some comments at the bottom of this post...

It leaves one wondering what happened at Amazon? Was it a glitch? Did they sell out? Drop a deadbeat vendor? Whatever happened it leaves a bit of a bad taste in our mouths about the trustworthiness of

This is too bad since Photography Resource Weblog uses as an advertiser on our site. We will put them on probation for now. We will keep an eye on them and of course if we find any more 5D's for $1600 we will let you know.

We also have to wonder in light of any 5D price drop, if rumors of an imminent replacement to the EOS 5D might carry some weight.

Currently the best deals we are aware of for the EOS 5D came from last December. Dell lets you sign up for a monthly online newsletter, this newsletter has special pricing and coupons. Last December with the newsletter only pricing, and the coupon, on top of Dell's Christmas 20% off electronics, lucky customers were coming away with $1899 EOS 5D's

More info and product details on the Canon EOS 5D

Again if anyone ordered one, or has had trouble with please leave comments below.

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